• K3 Cable Services is a nationwide contract direct sales and marketing firm.  Our two owners, Ken B. Kirby III and Judy KIrby have a combined experience of over 35 years.  We provide the highest quality door to door sales, audits, and instant installs in the Cable TV industry.  We have the staff and crews that can tackle any size project large or small anywhere in the country.

  • We have partnered with MSO's, large and small, as well as independent cable companies.  Our satisfied customers include but are not limited to:

Current MSOs:Former MSOs:
Comcast                        Atlantic Broadband                Adelphia             Jones Spacelink
Time Warner Cable     Avenue Broadband                Marcus Cable      CableVision
Cable One                     Jet Broadband        American Cable Entertainment
Charter Communications                                             Continental Cablevision

  • K3 provides an experienced, professional manager to lead the sales/audit/install team who has been personally trained by the owner of the company.  The manager will maintain a professional crew the entire length of the project and follow all processes outlined by K3 and the cable company.

  • All sales representatives in the field are knowledgable and maintain a professional appearance and attitude.  The representatives are sent into the field only after they have a full understanding and knowledge of the cable company's products and pricing.  We make sure they are provided with everything necessary to do the job right--right from the start--from proper IDs & uniforms to product presentation pieces, leave behinds and order forms.  These are not just good sales tactics, they are also important retention tools.  Your customers, current or new, will receive a personal professional experience with a knowledgeable representative.

  • Our company also monitors itself with follow up retention calls to ensure customer satisfaction and we conduct random audits on our field representative's work.

K3 Enterprises, Inc.
Phone:  877-305-0856
Fax:  866-679-2616
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