K3 Cable Services’ door to door process is to knock on every door.  We pride ourselves in sweeping a system geographically so that every potential customer is hit, every possible product is sold, and every applicable house is audited.  We provide a comprehensive and thorough sweep of your system.  Our crews are committed to making multiple passes and to reach a completion/contact rate of 80%.  This type of sweep not only provides the most revenue for your company, but it heightens awareness in the community about your company and your services, which assists in generating additional sales after we have left your system.
K3 Cable Services provides a complete range of direct sales, audit, debt collection, converter retrievals, and instant install services.

K3 Enterprises, Inc.
Phone:  877-305-0856
Fax:  866-679-2616
Digital Video
High Speed Internet
Phone Service
Bundled Packages

Nonsubscriber audit with a 50%-   
         75% conversion rate
Full homes passed system audit
Data Base Audit
Full Tap Audit

New Cable Connects
DCT Placements
Trap Placement/Removal
HSI Installation
Experienced ~ Professional
Direct Sales:
Instant Installs: